TRP Multi-leaf and parabolic springs for All Makes Trucks & Trailers

3rd March 2021 TRP

The range covers popular vehicle marques including:- Mercedes, Scania, Volvo, MAN, Iveco, Renault, Dennis & Hino as well as trailer axle & suspension manufacturers:- BPW, SAF, Meritor, Fruehauf and Schmitz.

All popular lines are stocked in the UK and available off the shelf for next day delivery. A VOR service is also available. 

Why Choose TRP Road Springs?

To the naked eye, most springs look more or less the same, and it is only when you study the materials from which they are made and the production processes used, does the difference become apparent.

Weweler springs are redesigned to suit specific vehicle models and operations. This means that even if another spring looks the same, there is a risk that it will provide poorer comfort, payload, driveability and lifetime costs against the TRP Weweler spring.

• Quick installation owing to strict dimensional precision as per OE specifications

• Thorough surface treatment for immense resistance to corrosion

• High-stress shot-peened spring leaves for increased service life

• Special quality steel for reduced risk of crack formation

• Weweler silent blocs for more comfort, improved road holding and one of the highest levels of endurance

• Increased service life

• 2 year warranty – backed and supported by DAF

Contact us for application details and competitive pricing. 

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