TRP Winter Essentials brochure now available!

1st November 2020 TRP

Winter Essentials Nov 20 - Mar 21

Packed with everything a busy workshop needs - especially at this time of year, helping to keep visibility high and technicians, drivers and other road users safe through the dark winter nights.

Now with a wide range of PPE cleaners and sanitisers, products also include:

  • Workshop lamps and torches
  • Sealants and cleaners
  • Screenwash and di-icer
  • Traffic film remover
  • Brushes, scrapers and squeegees
  • Hi-Vis and thermal clothing & gloves
  • Mini clamps, cloths & towels
  • Terminals & Connectors
  • First Aid kits

With 100's of product lines available in stock seach try us first!

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